Solar design software & Design PV Mobile App

Omnik provides four softwares including Omnik View、Solar Design、Omnik Portal、and Solar View, which can serves from mobile portal to power plant design,from smart monitoring to after-sales.

Omnik Software

Solar Design

SolarDesign , a power station design software, is mainly used to help client design their own power station ,such as choosing the corresponding tilt angle, as well as the PV module ,PV inverter and cable etc. According to their options, the software will automatically calculate the feasibility of the whole power station. It also can print out a report comprising all the relevant design results.

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Omnik Portal

Omnik portal, developed by Omnik New Energy, is a portal site managing power station. It can supply professional solutions of managing power stations for end-uers or distributors. It's convenient to visit the website and look up relevant information of whether small solar home system or large-scale power plants anytime and anyplace. It's also possible for users to make their own web pages, locate power stations, define station capacities, select inverter and panel data.

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Omnik View

Omnik View is a online terminal gateway of Omnik New Energy. From this terminal system, you can get Omnik news, product introductions, normal questions explanation, warranty checking and some other service items in time.

It contains two parts: picture news and detailed functions. What's more, detailed functions covers Products, News, FAQ, Monitor, Design, Service and About Us.

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Solar View

Solar View--Your Smartphone Monitoring Solution

iPhone, iPad & Android Application

After registration of the power station, you can input the key words “Omnik,solar, inverter, PV, energy ,plant, monitor” at the app store, then you can download the Omnik solar (iPhone) and Omnik Solar HD(iPad) applications.

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