The World's First Solar Smartflower Has a "Chinese Heart"


Recently, the news of "Bloom when exposed to the sun! Smartflower, an automatic solar system" explodes in the reporter's Circle of industry.

Driven by the curiosity, the reporter did investigation finally found out what the automatic solar Smartflower (Smartflower for short) actually is. In fact, it is an intelligent solar converter in the shape of sunflower. The miracle of such Smartflower is that it not only resembles a huge "sunflower" in shape, but perfectly copies the phototaxis of the sunflower. The built-in intelligent system of the Smartflower automatically synchronizes the time and the illuminating angle, so that solar panels always rotate with the sun and keep a 90° right angle with the sunlight, which realizes the maximum sunlight absorption from morning to night.

It has to be said that the Smartflower system solves the problems of non-mobile solar panels and low absorption efficiency of conventional technologies. Further, the integrated design provides plug-and-play solar power services, allowing a fast, efficient and reliable conversion of solar energy in such a device. We cannot help but marvel at the wisdom of mankind!


Automatic solar Smartflower

The further investigation reveals that Smartflower is the first "integrated" solar power system in the world launched by an Austrian technology company. Surprisingly, Smartflower's average power generation efficiency is 40% higher than that of traditional roof-mounted static solar panels! So high the conversion rate is. Then what kind of inverter helps to make it? From the internal structure map of Smartflower, the reporter learned that the inverter used in Smartflower is Omniksol-2.5k / 3k-TL2-S manufactured by Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd., China. This inverter, as the core equipment of the photovoltaic system and accounting for only about 5% of the overall cost, a low proportion, indeed plays an essential role.

It is well known that in all photovoltaic systems, the PV inverter has an extremely high failure rate. Then why this inverter made by Omnik is selected as the core device of the Smartflower?


Inverter Omniksol-2.5k/3k-TL2-S inside Smartflower (right picture)

"We chose Omnik's inverter as the heart of Smartflower, of course because of its high efficiency and stability," said Linnea Nilsson, the manager of the international market of Smartflower. "In the coming year, we will continue to purchase at least 500 inverters from Omnik for future Smartflowers."

And "black technologies" similar to Smartflower are emerging in a steady stream. We are expecting more “China’s manufacturers” like Omnik generating clean energy in an efficient way to go global, as well as more "black technologies" made in China amazing the world. 

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