Lighter, Smaller and More Stable Omnik New Product Is Upcoming


Photovoltaic industry is developed constantly with strong support of national policy. The safety and reliability of photovoltaic power plant become a topic that must be faced at present. All manufacturers solve the problems of power station stability and safety from various sources. Recently, the reporter of Aolar Culture learned that Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Omnik) will release a new product with the model Omniksol-2k/2.5k/3k-TL3-S. The product will be officially introduced to the market in July.


Omnik launches new product, and quality safety is guaranteed. 

It is learned that the new product project was started since November 2016, which was developed, produced, repeatedly tested and trial-produced in small batch for seven and a half months. The product has been distributed to clients in different environments all over the world for trials. Various differences in temperature, humidity and power grid were considered for selection of trial clients. After clients obtained the trial machine, they fed back that the new product was characterized by exquisite appearance, sense of science and technology, lighter weight, stable and continuous conversion efficiency. The installer has more confidence on the model due to trial feedback of end users. 

Omnik R&D director told the reporter that ‘Omnik made a series of improvements aiming at application of clients at the beginning of developing the product. For example, the layout of internal components is carefully planned, therefore the product volume is smaller, and the weight is lighter. The silver white machine body makes the industrial inverter look like a household electrical appliance’. A brand-new topological structure is adopted in internal layout of the new product, and the control frequency is higher. In addition, leakage protection function is strengthened, thereby further enhancing the safety performance, and providing users with more safety protection. Furthermore, components are arranged more compactly by adjusting the internal structure carefully again. The production cost is reduced. Meanwhile, the service life of the equipment is also prolonged. The key pressing frequency is greatly reduced by the optimized operation interface, thereby obtaining excellent user experience. It is obvious that installation in the house of client is regarded as the design intention during design of the model according to a series of design. 

Monitoring platform is released at the same time, and the intelligent monitoring is guaranteed. 


It is learned that Omnik will release a brand-new monitoring platform Omnik Portal at the same time. Users can monitor power station operation condition and inquire the historical data in real time through various screens such as PC, iPhone, Android, iPad and Tablet by Omnik Portal. The power station condition can be monitored more conveniently and rapidly, and problems can be discovered and solved immediately. Therefore, it becomes online and offline connected experience with power generation on the ground and data on the cloud.

Although the generally good feedback is received at present, R&D and testers will test new products continuously without interruption in Omnik's lab. We hope to guarantee the application quality of clients in the future through high-strength tests. 

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